Katalina Silva, Enigma Creative
Katalina Silva
Enigma Creative

Katalina is a transborder designer, a graduate of Universidad Iberoamericana Noroeste, co-founder and creative director of Enigma Creative and Tijuana Design Week, an annual festival fostering interdisciplinary connections from a community perspective. In her role as Creative Director at Enigma Creative, she leads communication and design strategies for commercial, cultural and ludic projects, accumulating over 25 years of experience with brands such as BBVA Bancomer, Telmex USA, Telnor, and World Design Capital 2024. An active participant in the creative scene, she co-authored and coordinated in Tijuana the winning proposal for San Diego-Tijuana to be the World Design Capital in 2024 and collaborates on its Advisory Committee. Selected for the Designer-in-Residence program at UCSD Design Lab in (2021, 2022), she has strengthened the local creative community since 2014 as the host organizer of CreativeMornings in Tijuana. Since 2020, she has been part of the organizing committee of the San Diego Design Week and, since 2022, a collaborator in Design for Good. In 2023, she co-founded Here and There, an initiative presenting residencies and events for the creative community of San Diego-Tijuana. Additionally, she leads communication and design at Pragma, a design platform facilitating planetary transformation in Latin American contexts.

Website: https://enigmacreative.com

Email: katalina@enigmacreative.com