Jorge Gracia García, GRACIASTUDIO
Jorge Gracia García
Visionary Founder and Principal

Jorge Gracia, the visionary Founder and Principal of GRACIASTUDIO, is a distinguished architect based in Tijuana. Recognized globally for his outstanding contributions to architecture, Gracia has earned prestigious accolades such as the "Design Vanguard" by Architectural Record in New York, "Emerging Voices" from the Architectural League of New York, and the esteemed "Best of the Best" from the Red Dot Awards in Germany.

Beyond his architectural achievements, Gracia is the creative force behind the "Escuela Libre de Arquitectura," an innovative School of Architecture situated in Tijuana's red-light district. This pioneering initiative reflects Gracia's commitment to education and his unconventional approach to nurturing architectural creativity.

As a seasoned architect, Gracia draws inspiration from a cross-cultural journey, shaping projects on both sides of the border. Rooted in the unique confluence of Baja California Peninsula and California, he comprehends the intricacies of two distinct cultures, infusing his work with a rich tapestry of influences.

Passionate about the future of his hometown, Tijuana, Gracia takes his concern and transforms it into action. Through his architectural endeavors, he endeavors to bridge cultural gaps, fostering a better understanding between communities. Gracia's dedication extends to mentoring the new generation, instilling the values of both sides of the border in aspiring architects. His vision transcends mere buildings; he aspires to create a built environment resonating with bi-cultural essence, ensuring a sustainable legacy for generations to come.