Miyo Yamauchi
Miyo Yamauchi
Web developer/Storyteller

Miyo (Mee-yo) is not your typical computer programmer—she holds a major in Swahili from Osaka University in Japan. (Yes, seriously!) When she’s not writing narratives for computers, she tells stories for humans. She’s a Moth StorySLAM Champion. Her storytelling prowess was recently recognized when her story was featured at the first-ever Moth LA SLAM Showcase in 2023.

Miyo's commitment to enriching the storytelling community goes beyond the stage. She introduced SlideTeller in her solo show, "How To Be Japanese: Your Normal Is Not My Normal," ensuring universal access, even for those with impairments in Vancouver, Canada. This seemingly unconventional blend of skills not only distinguishes Miyo but also uniquely stimulates both her left and right brains, providing a distinctive perspective invaluable in comprehending and addressing the diverse needs of her clients. Her show, known for its blend of humor and cultural insights, has captivated audiences worldwide, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural differences. Miyo's journey exemplifies the fusion of technical expertise with creative storytelling, contributing to a more inclusive and globally connected narrative landscape.

Website: https://miyo.net

Email: miyo@metchae.com