The website refers to DNDA and DNDAS. What is the difference between them?

DNDA refers to the overall award program. The “S” refers to the Summit, which brings togetherAward winners, award aspirants, design experts, judges, any participants interested in contributing or learning about Humanity Centered approaches, and our sponsors.

Who is eligible for the Don Norman Design Award?

For project awards, we seek early career practitioners, which means that the group is new, with no more than 2 societal projects by members (one member can be more experienced). Age is irrelevant. For educational institutions, eligible applicants may be an organized group, a school or university, a bootcamp or other non-tradition training group, formal or informal, that teaches people how to approach societal issues. But projects and educational groups must provide evidence of success (see the application forms for more information).

How are award recipients determined?

An international committee of advisors and jurors reviews all applications to determine award recipients. These advisors/jurors are internationally renowned and shown on the DNDA website’s About page.

When will the Awards for 2024 be announced and presented?

The Awards for 2024 will be announced in August 2024 and presented on November 14th, 2024, during the DNDA Humanity-Centered Design Summit in San Diego, California.

What kinds of projects are celebrated by the DNDA?

We recognize projects that profoundly impact society and align with the United Nations' list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

How can one apply for the Don Norman Design Award?

Information on how to apply for the award is at The website provides PDF copies of the application forms. However, all applications must be submitted online (see the website). The PDFs are provided to help plan the responses to the online questions

Can I become a judge for DNDA?

As shown on our website, we are fortunate to have a renowned group of 17 judges, experts who are drawn from around the globe and have volunteered their time to supporting the DNDA objectives. This number and the judges may change in the future.

Is the award granted to an individual or a team?

There is no group size restriction applied to projects. I am interested in submitting an education project.

Is there a limitation on the type of discipline my educational project teaches?

We are interested in humanity-centered educational programs. No additional restriction is placed regarding the discipline of such education.

What is the deadline for the education program submission?

The deadline for educational programs submission is May 31st, 2024.

Is there a monetary component to the award for the education program?

The Award for the Humanity Centered Educational Program is a DNDA certificate, and the global recognition that will accompany such an Award.

Is there a fee associated with submitting an education program? If so, how much?

There is no fee for submitting an educational program application.


Is there a registration charge for the DNDA Summit?

We are charging a nominal fee for registration. Early registration is now available for $100 (US dollars).
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